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Grain de maïs biologique
Semoule de maïs biologique

Calico is Canada’s largest processor of organic corn for human consumption.

Extensive production capacity, cutting-edge technology, and proven experience make us the go-to supplier and partner for organic cornmeal and corn flour.

Struggling with supply problems?
Looking to work with a major partner?
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We’re the solution to your needs.

We process a full range of products according to your specifications

As organic corn experts, we have full control over the entire value chain, all the way down to the finished products you use as ingredients.

Our facilities and quality control processes ensure total peace of mind for products destined for human consumption.


Farine de maïs biologique


Semoule de maïs biologique
Sac de 1000 kilos de maïs biologique

Struggling with supply problems?
Looking to work with a major partner?
Dealing with other challenges?

We’re the solution to your needs.

We understand your production challenges and needs. We understand the market and the latest trends better than anyone. Our combination of quality products and services makes us a true partner.


Our plant boasts the latest technology and top-of-the-line equipment. Our control processes are based on international best practices to guarantee consistent production, kilo after kilo.


Our commitment to food security is an integral part of our processes and the quality of our products.


Calico boasts combined expertise in the agri-food industry, organic farming, and industrial processing. We were quick to specialize in organic production. And now our expertise in converting and setting up modern organic processing plants is recognized worldwide.

It’s also the foundation on which we build partnerships with our customers.

Prodtuis Maïs

Calico was born out of our desire to make organic farming more sustainable by supporting corn production and leading the way on processing. Our high production capacity and advanced technology make us a hub for a broad network of organic producers and leading food companies with ever-growing needs.

Canada’s largest processor of organic corn for human consumption

Équipe Calico

With our cutting-edge technology and top-tier expertise, we’re able to respond to global trends and make good on our belief in an environmentally responsible, farm-to-table organic food industry.

Bonneterre Farm : A solid anchor

Calico is 100% independent. Our proximity to Bonneterre Farm, one of Quebec’s biggest producers of organic grain, gives us access to unique agricultural expertise and complementary facilities, including a major grain centre that supplies the mill directly. Our close relationship with Bonneterre Farm is one of the keys to our success.

Ferme Bonneterre

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